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   Brian's Blogs Regular followers of my blogs will notice that there are several "missing" from my Beijing blogs. This is because the ones that dealt with sights to see - such as museums, parks, temples and so on - can now be found in a new eBook called "A Blogger's Guide to Beijing". Click here for further details...

A Mid Autumn Generation Game – Making mooncakes in the office
Yet again it’s time for some more research – NBeer Taproom
Waste Not Want Not – BJ’s GLB Beer Festival
Leaping Greatly to yet another Taproom
Jing-A… It’s all about the beer!
Cute Pandas… Shame About the Brews
Arrow Brewery – Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover
Is this Beijing's tackiest market? Don't you just love Tianyi?
Slutty Mermaids and a Monkey’s Fist? Welcome to Slow Boat!
And they think I’m Colour Blind? Beijing's new subway lines
An iPhone in the family way… And disaster in Candy Town!
Numbskulls or Artists? You Decide… Graffiti in Beijing
I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat – Meow Hotpot Restaurant
Watching Paint Dry, Chinese style – Beijing's CIFTIS expo
Turning somersaults in Tsinghua – Yet another acrobatic show
BJ's Biggest Branding Disaster? Or just clever marketing? You decide!
The Way of Tea – How can I ever look a tea bag in the face again?
Congratulations! – Ignore your waistline and be happy!
BJ's Spring: – all it is cracked up to be... and more!
Why Bother with the National Museum? – when you have these artefacts on display
Beijing’s Metro Improves in Leaps and Bounds
Strutting the flesh on a cold winter’s day – BJ's latest dance studio
Chinese Exercise: The best way to get over a trauma is to meet it head on
Spare a thought for Beijing’s millions of homeless flies
Liaoning Cookery Part 2
Cooking Liaoning Dumplings – Beijing Style
Time for Another Comeuppance – A brush with China Unicom
Who turned the heating off?
How Come Qatar Airways is Still in Business? – How have the mighty fallen!
A new marketing ploy for KFC?
Hitting back at BJ's Bus Whingers
Xmas in Beijing
Gobbing for China
Juggling with destiny … or crashing the diplomats’ party
“I love talking about nothing. It is the only thing I know anything about.” (Oscar Wilde)
Being single on 11.11.11 is not all it's cracked up to be
Judge not others... lest ye be judged yourself!
Special Me is a Suave Dude
Patience has its rewards
Overcoming the Pain Barrier – submitting to Chinese tortures
A transport of delight – with plenty of distractions
Window on the world from my Beijing apartment
Start of a new chapter in Brian’s autobiography
China Visa Red Tape –- Battling with Officialdom and landing a job in Beijing
Beijing Tarts – over the hill at 30
Flying HMMOG Airways – and living to tell the tale

Hong Kong
HKIA features Cheongsams in its third temp exhibition
Now it's the turn of foodies at HKIA
It’s Tea Time at HKIA
A Dose Of Nostalgia In Tai Po Market – HK Railway Museum
At One with Nature in HK – HK Wetland Park
An Oasis of Tranquility in HK – Nan Lian Garden & Chi Lin Nunnery
Can One Ever Get Fed Up With Gold? – Hong Kong's 10,000 Buddhas Temple
God Bless the Man who Invented Nature! – Hong Kong Park and Zoological Garden
How are the Mighty Fallen – Has Cathay-Dragon fallen on hard times?

Rubbing shoulder to shoulder with Shanghai’s City Gods
Pornography in the heart of Shanghai? – World Expo Museum
Shanghai's Amazing Little Museum – Propaganda Posters
A Shrine to the CPC still Pulls in the Crowds – 1st Party Congress museum
Travelling Through Shanghai's Time Tunnel
A Visit to Jing’an – a Mecca for Leophiles?
Searching for Peace in Shanghai And Eating Lunch Through A Straw
First Visit to Shanghai – But mind what you drink!

¥€$ to This Museum! – Tianjin's Museum of Finance
In the Best Possible Taste? – Tianjin's China House
Return to Tianjin
An amazing day out in Tianjin

Something in Xi'an that is definitely worth seeing... (its fountains!)
Warrior Fatigue Soon Sets In at Xi’an’s Greatest Museum

Inner Mongolia
A Cute Museum in Hailar – Ewengki Ni Muzei
Mongolian nuptials in the heart of the grasslands
Hailar’s National Park – where misbehaving is NOT allowed!
Rah-rah grannies and Manila-style lighting – An unplanned trip to Inner Mongolia

Catawauling in Wuzhen? Must be Chinese Opera night!
A night to remember – Wuzhen’s Wedding Museum
Water, water everywhere. Welcome to Wuzhen!

A surfeit of old loos and a museum that has done a runner…

Relax Disney... Fantasy World has nothing to get you worried about!
An Underwhelming Museum in Cebu? Archdiocesan Museum
Searching for Plants and Butterflies in Cebu’s Fort
Cebu’s Mad-King-Ludvig-style Church in Sibonga
Saint or charlatan? Who knows? - Padre Pio Shrine
A Super-hero in Calamba - Rizal museum – Incompetent or Dishonest? You decide!
Villamore beckons – Manila's air museum
Hungry? Fancy some Ants' Eggs?
So what do YOU think that Ferdinand Marcos and Mao Zedong have in common?
Searching for true paradise in Ilocos Norte
Ilocos Sur’s Time Capsule City – Vigan
Sagada – Where the Dead Are Hung Up on Display
Caterwauling at the Catholic Karaoke
Manila – Where Patience is a virtue ... nay, a necessity!
Strolling Between the Walls in Downtown Manila - Intramuros
The National Museum of the Phiippines - a bit of a disappointment
Elections peaceful – only 30 killed. Oh well that's OK then!
Where Chanticleer Meets his Match (or his Maker) Cock fighting in the Phils
Fighting for your meal and watching soldiers dance? Welcome to Baguio!
Bureaucrats? Puh… Who Needs Them! Getting a residents visa and driving license
Inspecting the Bells in Parañaque
Anyone for a duck foetus? Fried or boiled?
To Cruise, Perchance to Dream... - Island hopping in the Phils
Time for Philippine air companies to pull their socks up?
Manila Sauce Getting ripped off on a Jeepney
The State of Democracy in the Philippines

The UK
An Oasis of Beauty in One of Britain’s Ugliest Cities – Saltaire
An Underwhelming Experience in North Yorkshire – Harlow Carr
A Himalayan Paradise in Yorkshire
Organise a Piss-Up in a Brewery? Ask the expert!
Where did they put that Spit? RAF Cosford Museum
Overkill in Leeds? Just how many weapons can you stomach in one day?
How come British Airways is still in business? - Yet another BA disaster story
The Arrogance of Serenata Flowers
Did Black Adder really go to Hogwarts? - Alnwick Garden & Castle
Do Roses And Beautiful Women Float Your Boat? - Tewkesbury Medieval Festival
Steaming into York for a Unique Celebration - The National Rail Museum
Grotesque Behaviour in the Yorkshire Dales: Oxenhope Straw Race
Giving Away The Bride - No Refunds Permitted!


Saudi Arabia
Immorality in Riyadh Naughty Brian!
Saudi TV The joys of working as an anchor on KSA2
The Day You Hoped Would Never Happen: Explosion in Riyadh
Driving in the Gulf
For the love of a Kia Maybe not everyone's idea of a babe magnet....

I Hate Saying Goodbye - time to leave the Middle East
Dance Bars in DXB - BS catches up on his education
Dubai’s RTA site needs a good kick up the *%^$#@*!, if you ask me
Selling my baby - Dubai-style
It's ATM time ... yet again again again
Emirates Airline - now I am beginning to understand why they are so expensive
Kate & Wills - a Proud Day for Britain???
Bangladopian Maid Arrested - for Doing a 'Bobbitt'
Emirates Bank - A Case of Incompetence, Stupidity or What?
Change is Needed - Rounding up in the Emirates
Spamming the Spammers - Getting my own back on these low life
It's that time of the month - No I don't mean that!
Abandon Hope - All Ye Who Enter Caribou
Callserve - No Calls and No Serve
Now this is what I call service! You'll never find this in the UK
Should we pass around the begging bowl for Géant? Ramadhan shenanigans in Ibn Battuta's favourite store
It's not easy being a dad: when you have to buy a dress for your daughter!
Screwed Again! Sometimes you simply cannot win
Lowlife in the Gulf - Brian's fall from grace
Dubai's Metro Madness: Do the decision makers ever use their own transport system? Yes. Today they did!
It's ATM time again as Dubai gears up for the tourist trade
Murdering the English Language: I love it!
Of Tigers, Hearts and Little Red Lai Sees When Valentine's coincides with CNY
Moving house is no fun in the UAE especially when dealing with Emirati red tape
Middle East International Film Festival Hobnobbing with the stars
Chatting up a Filipina: Who needs a dictionary?
Culture in the UAE errr... well that's what it says!
Immigration Officers One of the worst jobs in the world?

Sun and Sea and a Super-yacht that Isn’t - QIBS 2014
Karwa Taxis: Qatar's National Disgrace
Falling out of love with Qatar Airways

Getting an Indian Visa The trials and tribulations of getting through Indian red tape
Delhi Diary Having got the visa, it's off on Air Arabia...

Alex Beckons Thanks to Gulf Air I actually make it to Alexandria



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