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Spamming the Spammers

I hate spam. I hate spammers. And I am getting sick and tired of the amount of spam I am now getting especially from across the Middle East to three of my five eMail accounts. Almost every day now I receive adverts from translation companies, business set up companies, hotels and all kinds of other “services” that I would never consider using in a thousand years.

Do these businesses really think that if I wanted to translate a document into Arabic, I – living in the UAE – would even consider using a company that has been spamming me on a regular basis located in Jordan?

Their “modus operandi” is to put your eMail address on a “subscription list” and tell you that you are now subscribed to their network. If you no longer wish to receive their eMails you can unsubscribe at any time. Yeh sure. Like I’m that stupid to confirm their eMails are getting through!

So my spam inbox has been filling up pretty regularly now for the past few months and I recently went in to have a look.

An outfit calling themselves ABDM News has sent 25 messages to me in two months. ‘1,000,000 Business leaders and Professionals, Investors, Companies, Manufacturers, Exporters, Importers, Service Providers in 252 Countries and Territories’ it claims. ‘Promote your Business, Banking, Investment, and Travel & Tourism Industry on ABDM. Use Offers & Demands Section to find partner, investor, agent, distributor, buyer, seller, exporter, importer, service provider’.

It then tells me “You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Arab Businessmen & Decision Makers Network" group.
To post to this group, send email to”

They have helpfully given their contact as +962777726881  +962777726881  which is a Jordanian number. Oh and also +962797724755  +962797724755  and

Further, you are told that:
“ABDM has received requests of sole agency from more than 400 international companies to market its products and services following ABDM’s announcement in this regard. Products of these companies varied from cars to different industrial, agricultural, marine, commercial and service products.

“The Chief Executive Officer Amer al-Azem said that ABDM has never expected this enormous interaction, confidence in ABDM, its goals and ambitions, appreciating the responsibility bestowed upon ABDM, and emphasizing that this interaction proves that the world faces a real economic, marketing and ethical crisis.

“In a question on how to deal with this large number of requests, the CEO stressed that ABDM is considering now to seek international investors to enter into a strategic partnership with ABDM to activate partnership with these companies, and open ABDM Chain Stores Arabwide and Worldwide. He stressed that this project, if realized, would be a pioneer global one which makes all real partners.”

But wait! What is this? ‘Amer al-Azem Enterrpise for Translation’ has spammed me from Jordan nine times in the last six weeks. He sends out from … but it would appear that Mr this Al-Azem is “CEO of Arab Businessmen and Decision Makers Network (ABDM)” according to his attached bio information. I think our friend Mr Al-Azem needs to be taught a lesson…..

Yet another group is called the Education & Training Network. 23 messages from them this time. And… just a dawg-on minute… they even have the temerity to let you know how to contact them:

Do I see a pattern emerging? I sure do!

And look here – World Economic Giant has also seen fit to bombard me with eMails. Who are they? Oh well what a surprise… AGAIN!

Salama Ali Naguib is not in Jordan. He has taken a leaf out of Amer al-Azem’s book and is doing the same from the UAE. Salama is the Manager, Training Department, Leaders Training Center and has only spammed me 12 times in a month. Email :; Website: Poor Salama has a lot to learn!

Yet another group calling themselves Safarco have also been soliciting me – 16 times in one month. The vast majority of these messages are in Arabic which I don’t speak, but it would appear they are all trying to sell me holidays and travel services. They helpfully give their contact details as Email : - Tel: +962 6 5543432  +962 6 5543432  - Fax: +962 6 5543439 and they are based in Al Rabyh, Jordan.

Bloody Jordan again eh?

Meanwhile the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Amman has kindly thought to wish me Happy Xmas four times. I have never been to the Crowne Plaza in Amman and nor am I now ever likely to!

OK Now let’s get real.

Firstly I have been listing all these eMail addresses so that the spam robots trawling the net can pick them up and send on their own spam to these pillocks.

Not only that, but EVERY time from now on that one of these plops its way into my inbox (or spam box) it will be spammed by me with a MEGA-LARGE file (from an anonymous eMail of course) with a link to this blog so that they know why they are being spammed.

Better still, if anyone has been stupid enough to sign up to these people’s group of spammers, they too will receive my megalarge eMail – as ABDM was stupid enough on one occasion to put all the recipients of its mega email message in the To: box (as opposed to the BCC: box).

And if anyone out there would like to have a bit of fun, why not enjoy spamming these spammers with your own mega-eMail messages….


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