Brian Salter is a journalist, author and broadcaster who also undertakes presentation, training, voice-over work, text editing & proofing, and ghost writing.

His career began in the BBC where he produced and presented features, business and current affairs programmes for the World Service, before working as an editor in the BBC World Service newsroom, thence moving to BBC TV news, and then Radio 4’s City Desk.

He left the BBC to join Heathrow Airport as Media Relations Manager immediately following the bombing of PanAm 103 over Lockerbie and was responsible for improving relations with the resident press and for crisis communications at the airport.

From there he moved to Acorn Computers where he was in charge of PR and marketing services and organised a number of European-wide press conferences.

After a brief spell as Head of PR at Manchester Airport, he moved to Yorkshire Electricity as Director of Communications and thence to the Institute of Directors in a similar role.

By the 1990s he had started his own consultancy advising companies and giving training on PR, marketing and presentation techniques, and gave a number of public speeches on the introduction of internet technology for business use, when it was still in its infancy.

In 1999 he first went to the Middle East, working for Savola in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in charge of intranet services and internal communications before returning to the UK to work at two UK regional newspapers.

In 2003 he returned to Saudi Arabia, this time to Riyadh, working briefly for BAe Systems, before resigning and setting up his own Riyadh-based consultancy with numerous clients as diverse as Almarai, Saudi Aviation, Hoshan Group and Al Seif Engineering.

As well as undertaking regular consultancy work across the rest of the GCC, he was a news anchor and current affairs presenter on Saudi Arabia's second TV channel (KSA2) whilst also training their newsroom on writing bulletins and the announcers in microphone, camera and delivery techniques.

From February 2008 to June 2011, Brian lived in the UAE - in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai - where he wrote for a number of media outlets and gave training on a wide variety of business-related activities.

In July 2011 he moved to Beijing, China, where he worked as a journalist and broadcaster, gave lectures, and continued to write books - around 30 books so far, some of which have been translated into as many as eight other languages.

His latest books are about the artwork to be found on Beijing's Subway system, a Blogger's Guide to Beijing and an art book called Beijing in the Round..

Articles & Creative

Although I started my journalist career with the BBC, I have been writing for various newspapers and magazines for well over 20 years.

On the following pages is a selection of some of the articles I have written. Click here to view them ...


For some time, I have been writing blogs - recording some of the many sights and sounds I have come across in my travels across China, the Middle East and the rest of the world.

Some are unashamedly "un-PC" – and if you are easily offended, may I respectfully suggest you move on to other pages on the web?


I've been writing books for two decades ... 30 at the last count. And some have been translated into a variety of languages.

You never get rich from writing books (well I didn't anyway!) but for driving business your way they are invaluable! They have also been great fun to write.

Here is a selection of the stuff I have written. Many of the earlier ones are now out of print, but can still be bought from the likes of Amazon.


For 17 years I worked in a variety of roles across the BBC, starting in the World Service as a sound engineer, a producer and a presenter. I also worked in TV News and in Radio 4 (speech channel), before ending up in the Secretariat.

I also broadcast on Saudi Arabian TV and Chinese state TV - CGTN/CCTV, as well as the video channel of China Daily.

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