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Although I started my journalist career with the BBC, I have been writing for various newspapers and magazines for well over two decades.

This is a selection of some of the journals I have written for:

Al Riyadh
Beijing Review
China Daily, Beijing
China Today
Global Times
Gulf Times
Khaleej Times, Dubai
One Journey, Hong Kong
Pride Publications, UK
Royal Jet
Sandladder, Riyadh
Saudi Gazette, Riyadh
Scania Power, KSA
Tawasol, Riyadh
Travel & Tourism News Middle East
True Friends, Hong Kong

Global Times is an English-language tabloid newspaper that has strong affiliations to the Chinese government
Where Airplane Enthusiasts are Spoiled for Choice
Exploring the Steppes in the far north of China
Hidden in plain sight

China Today is a monthly English-language magazine which can also be found on the web.
A Gateway to the History of Beijing – Zhengyangmen Museum
Telling the Time, Chinese Style
A Tribute to Beijing’s Tap Water
Beijing's Underground Wonder World of Eternal Spring
All in the best possible taste? - Tianjin's China House
How Come I Am the Only Visitor in This Extraordinary Place? - Ancient Architecture Museum
A Joyful Park in Beijing - Taoranting
Beijing’s Unknown Railway Museum
A Car-lovers’ Paradise in Fengtai
Zizhuyuan – Where Purple Is the New Black!
Beijing Diabolo Museum
Observing the Heavens at Jianguomen

Beijing Review is China's only national news magazine in English, published by the China International Publishing Group.
Beijing’s Underground Art Gallery
A Mongolian Adventure

China Daily (中国日报) is China's largest English language daily newspaper. I worked there for two years, and some of the articles I wrote ended up in the newspaper, whilst others were destined for either the web site or the mobile app (yes, in those days they really were regarded as separate entities!).
The Unkindest Cut of All? Beijing’s Eunuch Musuem
German artist savors watching people
Last respects for Lady Thatcher
Pen pushers impress no-one with daft ideas
Common sense just ain't that common
Beijing's transportation is getting its act together
An apple a day … keeps your friends away
What does China's TV regulator do most of the time?
The traumas of age and "innocence"
Can the BBC ever recover its reputation?
Does History Teach Us that Might is Right?
Wish we were coming with you!
A third runway at LHR? Don't hold your breath!
It must be hard working as a top UK trade official!
Do planners ever consider the consequences of their decisions?
Time once more to "Give Peace a Chance"
More to meets the eye with Huawei
Build 'em Tall; especially in China!
Blast off time for heroes?
"555"! Beijing has applied "4" to the "88" brigade!
Olympic reflections
Is there no stopping the Disney Phenomenon?
Scratch-and-sniff is so passé!
London Calling - But who will heed the sirens?
Creature comforts at Euro 2012
Would you pay £150m to see the dark side of the Moon?
Strange Brits and a dose of reality
Shed a tear for the poor little rich girl…… not!
Time for the world to exhibit a good dose of tolerance
Time for Mr Yang to face some home truths?
Would you invest in Facebook?
The timeless effervescence of Chanel
World record breakers: Give us a break!
Flight-rail cooperation a win-win situation
Controlling the controls of the anti-antidog lobby
It must be true - I read it in the paper!
US primaries? Who cares!
Who turned the heating off?
Selfishness of the blame game

Do We Men Get A Raw Deal,
I Have To Ask Myself
“Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone”
A Very Warm Welcome to China!
Back to the Drawing Board
for Chinese Advertisers?
Beijing's Museum of Tap Water

New Year Objects of Undesire

Getting back at the Rip-off merchants

Setting my Resolutions
for Chinese New Year
Time for China’s Transport to cater for Foreign Visitors
Beating Beijing’s Bus Blues
Beijing Metro:
Victim of its own success?
Clash of Cultures at the Dinner Table
Dancing the night away in Beijing
Coming to terms with the Chinese-American-English Language
Eating Peas the correct way
Chinese Toasts
Problematic Language
Palindrome Calendar
Doing Porridge
Hit & Run
Chinese dancing
China's National Day
Bad Habits
Bargaining in China
Moon Cakes

2Go is a ferry company in the Philippines. They have a magazine for passengers on board their ships
Sagada - Where they hang up their dead

Gulf Times is Qatar's English language daily. For three years I headed up the international press office for the Qatar International Boat Show; and this is a pair of special features I wrote for them in 2013

Khaleej Times is an English language broadsheet produced in Dubai.
Where Airplane Enthusiasts are Spoiled for Choice.
Le Meridien Seafood Bistro: Restaurant Review
Fire & Ice: Restaurant Review
Beijing's Classic Car Museum: Where else will you see a Hong Qi?
La Moda Dubai: A global phenomenon in the world of fashion
Le Relais de L'Entrecôte: Dubai Festival City's hottest steak house
Fast Track to Fujairah’s Forts: Time to wander off the beaten track
Lotus Silk & Spice: Spice is Nice
Seek Knowledge Even as far as China: Beijing's Mosques
To Sharjah and Beyond: Sharjah's Al Mahatta Museum
SCD in the Desert: Scottish Dancing in Dubai
Lotus Ozone: Thai High in Deira
Ronda Locatelli: White truffles anyone?
Macao brings to mind bygone days of pirates roaming the south China seas
Majalis Ghorfat Umm Al Sheif: A time portal in Jumeirah
Munich: World's Largest Village
PF Chan: Restaurant Review
Mango Tree, Mirdiff: Restaurant Review
Cape Town: Flora, fauna and botanical gardens
Namaste: Restaurant Review
Mays el Reem: Restaurant review
Watch It!: Social advertising feature on watches
Around the world in 80 Minutes: Shenzhen's splendid theme parks
Choo Tjoe: South Africa's fabled railway museum
Bice Mare: Dubai's classiest Italian Eaterie?
Nuremberg: Stands Tall
Medain Saleh: Saudi Arabia's Petra
Yogyakarta: Indonesia's City of Temples
Dubrovnik: Jewel of the Mediterranean
Camel Woman: The Dutch lady adopted by the Bedouain
Car Museum: The private collection of the Rainbow Sheikh situated in the desert outside Abu Dhabi
Crepes Galore: A corner of France in Dubai's International City
I was interviewed by another journalist for this article entitled Life Begins at 60

TTN-ME is a monthly travel trade magazine published in Bahrain
Stepping Back in Time
No need to say cheese first for a Swiss smile
Alexandria offers respite from summer
iyadh: Capital City With Plenty To Explore
Historic Saudi Museums pull in the crowds
Saudi Arabia Goes All Out To Strengthen Its Tourism Sector
Saudi Airports Undergo Major Expansion
Meda'in Saleh a well kept secret
Kuwait positioning itself as a marine capital of the ME
Maghreb region competing with Egypt to woo tourists
Egypt a jewel in the crown
Fencing keeps tourist hustlers at bay
Women only beaches allow undisturbed sea swimming
One 2 One Idea for Dining
Tourism high on future development agenda of Brunei
Malaysia's medical Tourism
Sleeping by the Fragrant Harbour (HK)
Hong Kong’s New Mantra: Live it! Love it!
Muslim Visitors are Warmly Welcomed in Hong Kong
Pandas or Mickey Mouse? No Contest!
Hong Kong Octopus
Singapore expecting high yields from its tourism sector

Royal Jet is a charter airline based in Abu Dhabi, that aims at the luxury market. While freelancing for their communications department, I was asked to prepare a staff magazine when they exhibited at the Dubai International Air Show.

Sandladder is the official magazine of Riyadh Rovers - the 4-wheel drive club in the Saudi capital.
2p or not 2p: That is the question
Qatar roses: An outing to Qatar's rose fields
Hummer: Test driving the H3
Wabha Crater Visit: A two day outing from Riyadh
Driving to the UAE: Across a corner of the Empty Quarter
Olaya Parking: selfish drivers of Riyadh
Bukhra Dunes: Who would put their car through this?
Are Saudis ready for the thong?: Don't say you weren't warned!
The Day You Hoped Would Never Happen: Trauma in Riyadh

True Friends is a monthly Pinoy newspaper published in Hong Kong
Chatting Up a Filipina
The State of Democracy
Murdering the English Language
A Survivor’s Guide to Driving in Saudi Arabia
Happiness is what you make it
Letter from Arabia
Wake Up Manila and Look Around!
Luck is What You Make It
Middle East International Film Festival
Staying Optimistic
Floods in the Philippines
Periodic Dating

One Journey is a quarterly Pinoy magazine published in Hong Kong
Of Tigers, Hearts and Little Red Lai Sees
If Astrologers Can Predict The Future, How Come They’re Not All Rich?

Whilst I was in Saudi Arabia I was asked to ghost a couple of articles about Scania diesel generators for one of the locals.
Saudi Wedding Halls

Saudi Farming

Saudi Gazette is one of the two main English language dailies of Saudi Arabia. Here is an entry I made to their photographic competition. Although it was published I never did get my $100!

Al Riyadh is the first daily newspaper that was published in Arabic in Riyadh. When I worked for BAE Systems, I was asked to ghost some articles for them (that they translated) which, of course, promoted BAE Systems!
A Clearer Picture from the Stars
A new approach to training
Psychometric Testing
The smell of technology

Tawasol is the staff magazine of Almarai, one of the leading dairy companies in Saudi Arabia. I wrote all the articles and laid out the magazine for over a year...
Al Kharj: The Agri Capital of Saudi
Gopal’s Aim: To touch the heart of every employee every month!
Georges The Enabler: An Agent For Change
Walter Fulton: A Passion For Cows
Gulf Region Reaches 1,000 As It Goes From Strength To Strength
Communing With Camels in Riyadh
Abdulaziz Al Owais: We Should All Work Together To Achieve One Goal
Abdulkarim: Working for the "Beautiful Company"
Abdullah Al-Tasan: My Globetrotting Days Are Behind Me
Willie Spence: I Could Keep On Playing Forever!
Nick Has A Winning Way With Sales
Globe-Trotting Larnie Is Not About To Revamp His CV!
Mr Blue Sky: We Need To Think Of New Ways In Which To Expand

Pride Publications is an independent publisher that produces a number of magazines such as the local newsletters of the Institute of Directors and its flagship publication, Cambridgeshire Pride.
Eating Out: Auberge du Lac
Enterprise and Entrepreneurs: in California
eMail from the Edge: Jeddah
Leadership: The Foundation
The Art of Bellringing
Pandora: Where Power is not all that is is cracked up to be
Pandora: Hangup with sex

Creative - This is the corner where I am parking certain bits which don't really fit anywhere else. It is a random collection of short stories, radio scripts and other stuff:
Boris: This was my very first short story. Written in the 1970s, it demonstrates a very raw effort, but I include it here as a reminder that we all have to start somewhere!
Gotcha!: This was the first part of a short story that I never got round to finishing. In the early 1980s before PCs became part of the mainstream, we all thought how kool the Amstrad word processor was. Didn't we have a lot to learn!
My Wife is a Hostess: This was a pretty dreadful poem I wrote when my wife had started as an air stewardess with the now-defunct airline British Caledonian. It was published in their staff magazine. Not surprisingly, I was teased something rotten about it; but I'm including it as it was one of the first things I ever had published in print.
Home Plumbing: I started working in the BBC as a sound engineer, but very soon started writing for a variety of programmes. Here's a short item I did for the Woman's Hour programme on Radio


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