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I've been writing books for over two decades now. 30 at the last count. And some have been translated into a variety of languages.

You never get rich from writing books (well I didn't anyway!) but for driving business your way they are invaluable, not to mention the enjoyment in doing the research and writing them.

Here is a selection of the stuff I have written. Many are now out of print, but can still be bought from the likes of Amazon. (Note: I have included links to the US Amazon web site, but of course you can always choose another territory from the Amazon web page  itself. Prices can vary considerably between territories!)

This is the first and only book to detail the artwork in ALL Beijing's subway (metro) stations. Over half of Beijing's stations (with more planned to open in the future) have artwork, including murals, sculptures, mosaics, lighting, calligraphy, and so on.

This book documents the stories behind much of the artwork and includes details of every single piece of artwork.

One of my favourite books that I wrote is a compilation - and update - of many of the blogs I wrote when living in Beijing.
Published as an eBook on Amazon, it comes as one large tome, as well as in five parts covering the north-east/west, south-east/west and central areas of the Chinese capital. They show you the Beijing that many Beijingers themselves don't even know and include detailed how-to-get-there instructions for each and every venue.
A Blogger’s Guide to Beijing

In 2011/12 I co-authored a coffee table book on Riyadh with Mohsen Al Dajani:
Riyadh - Heart of Arabia
(ISBN: 978-603-01-0376-8
- not found on Amazon)

Arab News wrote a review of the book in December 2012 which you can see by clicking here

My most recent book for Hodder was in the Teach Yourself series:
Successful Public Relations
in a week

This was also included in a compilation 4-book volume called:
Six Weeks to Professional Excellence

I wrote a couple of books for Hodder's Bullet Guides series:
Press Releases and Newsletters

Bullet Guide: Great PR

One of the most productive publisher relationships I have had has been with Hodder. Many of the books were in partnership with the Chartered Management Institute (previously called Institute of Management); and some of these bookswere translated into other languages such as Spanish, Italian, French, Thai, Romanian and Chinese.

This was my last book in the CMI's Instant Manager series:
Effective Presenting

You can read an intervew I gave about this book in Professional Manager

Whilst working in Riyadh I helped ghost a book on Saudi business leaders for a French publishing house - Omnia International:
Leaders of Saudi Arabia

I was (verbally) commissioned to write a book on Riyadh by Stacey International. For some reason the draft manuscript sat in their in-tray for months collecting dust! And then they passed it across to the Al Turath organisation in Riyadh who finally published the book in collaboration with Riyadh Municipality:
Essential Riyadh

ISBN: 978-603-8017

I contributed a chapter about Riyadh's museums to a book that documents the Gulf's coming of age:
Al Manakh 2

In 2006 I was commissioned to ghost a book about Public Relations for a Saudi, which he then translated into Arabic and passed off as his own work.
He never paid for it... so I now give it away to as many people as want it.
I also used it as an accompanying booklet for my training courses on PR that I gave in the Middle East:
Public Relations in the Middle East

I wrote this general guide to Saudi Arabia for the defence systems company BAE Systems when I was working for them in Riyadh. Published by Sarawat in Jeddah, it was used for giveaways to BAE's clients.
The Essential Guide to Saudi Arabia

This is a book I wrote for the CMI about CRM which was also translated into Spanish:
A Simple Guide to CRM in a week

In 2002 I wrote a book for the Confederation of British Industry (Publ: John Wiley & Sons) for their Fast track series:
Critical Corporate Communications

This book was translated into Polish, (ISBN: 83-7243-330-5, though it doesn't appear on Amazon):
A Simple Guide to Visual basic

A Simple Guide to HTML

eCommerce was very much flavour of the month at the turn of the century, so I was asked to co-author two titles:
A Simple Guide to e-commerce

eCommerce Without Tears

A UK version of a best selling American book on eCommerce was commissioned, which I helped write. There turned out to be major differences between what went on across the Atlantic:
The Complete Idiot's Guide to e-Commerce UK

Having written a book about using Flash v4 for Prentice Hall, Flash 5 and then Flash MX followed in quick succession with new books having to be prepared to keep up with the rush of releases from the software house:
A Simple Guide to Flash MX / 5 / 4

A Simple Guide to Quicken 2000 UK
(ISBN: 0130264148, not listed on Amazon)

A Simple Guide to Paint Shop Pro 6

This book, Successful Event Management, was also translated into Spanish...

Prentice Hall is a subsidiary of Pearson - publishers of the Financial Times. Over three years I wrote 11 books for them.
Kicking off was a business version rewrite of a book by Rob Young:
The UK Business Internet Starter Kit

I wrote my first book for Hodder when working in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
It seems amazing now that two decades ago people were actually buying books to learn how to use eMail!
Successful Use of E-mail in a week

This was my most successful book, which made it to 10 reprints and was translated into six languages... It was relaunched in the "Teach Yourself" series 14 years after it was first published

This was a rewrite of The Internet as a Business Tool for another Thorogood series, and this time it was a success!...
Essential Business Guide to the Internet

This tome was apparently used as a text book at London University
Business Planning & Raising Finance

I wrote my first books for Hawksmere-Thorogood in 1997. The first was a disaster sales-wise. The publisher priced it at £65 and tried to market it to Board Rooms. Sales bombed:
The Internet as a Business Tool

(ISBN:10- 1854180827 - not listed on Amazon)

This is the one book I (co)wrote that I have never seen published. It was originally called How to Have a Happy Hysterectomy but was then renamed Understanding Hysterectomy after it was submitted to the publisher John Wiley; but though they designed a cover and have it listed, I'm not aware that it has ever seen the light of day.

This was the very first book I ever wrote - a romantic fiction - after I watched a programme on TV about Mills & Boon authors earning huge amounts of money for their novelas. Mills & Boon turned it down ... hardly surprising when I reread it a few years later. However, I have now revised all the text and it is published as an Amazon eBook under the pseudonym Sabrina Terl.
Broadcast Passion


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