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Saudi TV - KSA2

Whilst working in Saudi Arabia, I was invited to be a news anchor on state run KSA2 TV (their English language service).

I was driving back to Riyadh through the Empty Quarter one evening when my mobile phone rang and I was asked if I was the Brian Salter who used to work in the BBC. On being assured that I was, I was asked if I could help them out since KSA2 was about to start broadcasting internationally via satellite, and they wanted to improve the quality of their announcing staff.

It wasn't long before I was asked not only to train the announcers, and train the news room how to write a bulletin, but also to read the news myself.

Here's a cut-down news bulletin from one of the broadcasts I did for them. I was told that I was the very first person to have read the news on KSA2 wearing a pink tie!

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