Brian Salter's Broadcasts:
Saudi TV - KSA2


Whilst working in Saudi Arabia, I was invited to be a news anchor on state run KSA2 TV.

I was driving back to Riyadh through the Empty Quarter one evening when my mobile phone rang and I was asked if I was the Brian Salter who used to work in the BBC. On being assured that I was, I was asked if I could help them out since KSA2 was about to start broadcasting internationally via satellite, and they wanted to improve the quality of their announcing staff.

It wasn't long before I was asked not only to train the announcers, and train the news room how to write a bulletin, but also to read the news myself.

Here's a cut-down news bulletin from one of the broadcasts I did for them. I was told that I was the very first person to have read the news on KSA2 wearing a pink tie!

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Here is a longer list of the broadcasts I did for KSA2:

Third Opec Summit special 191107
Supply & Demand: french technology exhib 251107
News bulletin: 20 mins 070707
News bulletin: 5 mins 070707
News bulletin: 20 mins 090707
News bulletin: 5 mins 090707
News bulletin: 20 mins 160707
News bulletin: 5 mins 160707
News bulletin: 20 mins 200707
News bulletin: 5 mins 200707
News bulletin 2100  211207
News bulletin: 20 mins 230707
News bulletin: 5 mins 230707
News bulletin: 5 mins 270707
News bulletin 2100  280707
News bulletin 2100  300707
News bulletin 2300  300707
News bulletin 0100  100807
News bulletin 2300  100807
News bulletin 0100    110807
News bulletin 2300  110807
News bulletin 0100  240807
News bulletin 2300  240807
News bulletin 0300  180907
News bulletin 0300  210907
News bulletin 0100  231007
News bulletin 2300  231007
News bulletin 0100  301007
News bulletin 2300  301007
News bulletin 0100  201107
News bulletin 2300  201107
News bulletin 0100  181207
News bulletin 2300  181207
News bulletin 0100  251207
News bulletin 2300  251207