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welcome to simbacom

Simbacom started life as a communications agency based in the UK. Over time it has evolved into a plethora of small businesses and projects, a few of which are contained in this web site. Read on... and enjoy!

Brian Salter

Brian Salter is the CEO of Simbacom. Having started his working life in the BBC, he has more recently worked in Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and China, and in this section you can find a selection of his newspaper & magazine articles, broadcasts, books and blogs.

Beijing Subway Art

In this section you can enjoy the plethora of art works to be found on the Beijing Subway (Metro) in China. We have visited every single station on the system and taken photos of anything that could be regarded as art. It is the most comprehensive collection of Beijing's subway art to be found anywhere. The results may well surprise you!

Tongue Twisters

Most people love to try out tongue twisters... not just in English, but in a whole range of other languages too! Have a go, send in your own recordings and see how you compare with everyone else!