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journalism, broadcasting, graphic design,
saudi arabia, lamp posts and lions
(to name but a few!)

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Simbacom started life as an association of like-minded training and communications professionals. But it has evolved over time to encompass many things...

Brian Salter, started off Simbacom. Having started his working life in the BBC, he has more recently worked in Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and now China, and here you can find a selection of his newspaper & magazine articles, broadcasts and blogs
Angi (Agnes Nadkarni) is a graphics specialist living in China, who creates works of art which are in demand across the world. Here you can see a gallery of some of her work.
Cheryl Robertson is a freelance editor, writer and ardent photographer in the United Arab Emirates
Elsa Zhang is a journalist, calligrapher and musician who lives in Beijing and offers lessons in Chinese, calligraphy and Chinese music.
This section invites you to try out your skills with tongue twisters - not just in English, but in a range of other languages too! Have a go, send in your own recordings and see how you compare with everyone else!
Langge is one of Beijing's best English language schools and takes on pupils from around the age of 5 to late adulthood. You can see how good they are by checking them out here and listening to the recordings of some of their students.
There is also a section on lampposts of the world. A bit esoteric? Perhaps, but check it out anyway!
Or if you're in the mood, you can discover the attraction of Lion statues as well as Pi Xiu. (Don't know what a Pi Xiu is? Never mind. It is all explained on the index page.)
You can also access pages about Riyadh - the capital of Saudi Arabia - that until recently was all but closed to tourism. Brian Salter worked in Saudi Arabia from 1999 to 2008 and has put together this travelogue. Although by its very nature, some of the information may start looking a little out of date, you can see how much there is to tempt the visitor. This is one of the most viewed web sites in the world that specifically deals with Riyadh.


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