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A One to One Dining Idea

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A new dining concept has just opened its doors in Abu Dhabi, and if the first night is anything to go by it’s likely to be a sure-fire success.

The Village Club Restaurant, part of the One to One Hotel, is the first phase of a fully fledged recreation club, with a mix of live entertainment and Arabian style cuisines fused with contemporary barbeque-style food options served in a buffet. Guests can choose to sit on wooden chairs or on less conventional bean bags while enjoying their meal, listening to music or smoking shisha. The opening event featured belly dancers, flame throwers, sophisticated light projection and laser displays.

“Good food and great music - both are a wonderful social glue,” says Rabih Feghali, One to One Hotel Manager. “At The Village Club Restaurant, these can be enjoyed in the most fantastic setting. The menu we offer is complemented by an ever changing programme of a live mix of jazz, Arabic, blues and chill-out music to cater to a wide variety of patrons.

“Guests can choose from a wide variety of hot and cold foods, including some 30 different grilled items such as whole sides of beef, lamb racks, kebab, chicken portions and kofta, with various stew style dishes to compliment these. There is also a unique beech wood burning BBQ pit and a wide choice of salads and sauces together with certain Middle Eastern specialties such as foul.”

The One to One is a four star boutique-style hotel located within easy reach of the city’s commercial centre. It has 128 rooms and suites together with three fully-equipped natural daylight meeting rooms and six cafés and restaurants. Two-course business lunches are available for AED79 or AED99 for three courses. The Village Club Restaurant has room for over 600 guests and is open from 5pm to 12midnight on weekdays, 5pm to 1am on Thursdays and Fridays and opens at 12noon on Saturdays.


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