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Jewellers around the world reported a surge of interest in fob watches after Guy Ritchie'sĀ  movie 'Sherlock Holmes' hit the cinema screens last year. As our man-about-town, Brian Salter has been finding out, a well chosen watch can considerably compliment your wardrobe and personal jewellery statement!

Call me a fashionista if you will, but for me there is nothing quite so alluring as a fashion statement peeping out from underneath a well turned cuff, preferably matching a set of understated, but elegant cuff links in the process.

For many people, watches are as much a fashion statement as a means of telling the time ā€“ and that goes equally these days for men as well as for women. Not surprising, therefore, that designers are always on the look out for means to redefine the humble watch in different and interesting ways.

Watches are no longer just about reaching your appointments on time. They are so much more than that ā€“ time-keeping devices that just happen to perform a multitude of other functions too, such as count down timers, indications of the phases of the moon, world time zones and the like ā€“ not to mention being one of the hottest fashion accessories around! Inventors of the watches of yesteryear could surely never have dreamt of them turning into multifarious entities that say so much about the person who is actually wearing it!

In 1511 a locksmith in Nuremberg, called Peter Heinlein, designed the first pocket watch; whilst in 1780, Abraham Breguet of Paris designed the hairspring mechanism leading to the dawning of the first wristwatches as a fashion item as far back as the early 1900s. But perhaps now, like never before, more and more people from all walks of life are becoming concerned about the way in which they look and present themselves to their peers through what they wear.

Many of us buy watches after considering their style quotient and potential to invite attraction. They're a fantastic accessory to capture a particular style and this season for the girls it is all about the colour - the bolder and more vibrant the better!

While gold and diamonds are never out of fashion, recent contemporary trends are highlighted in the bright, original and sometimes downright-bizarre designs from Joe Rodeo, Aqua Master, Techno Master, Freeze Watches and other fashion houses.

Also high on the trend setting agenda are sporty watches so epitomised by Superdry, Animal Watches, Nautica, Timex and Oakley Watches with their innovative designs that will help you stay top of your game! In the higher price bracket look out for trendy Adidas, Nixon, Black Dice and LTD Watches, not forgetting D&G and Ed Hardy watches with their beautifully detailed tattoo art.

Other hot brands which simply ooze sex appeal include DKNY for that spirit of New York, Diesel for innovation, and Fossil for something totally out of the ordinary. And for the super elegant, look out for Guess and Michael Kors which epitomise femininity with their diamante embellishments, bracelet straps, chic patterns and jewellery reminiscent aesthetics.

But it's not just the girls who can enjoy their sense of style through their timepieces. Men's watches, too, represent a way in which we men can express ourselves through fashion. In this day and age, more and more of us men are now becoming concerned about the way in which we look and present ourselves, whilst in our world they are used as a symbol reflecting our status as well as our sense of vogue.

As a result, men are leaning a lot more towards designer watches regardless of the type of watch that they are after; and men are now starting to follow today's fashions down to the last detail.

No matter that top of the range brands such as Patak Philippe, Hubolt, Gucci, ESQ and Invicta could set you back a small fortune. The fact that virtually every mall in the UAE sports a number of shops stocking such brand names shows there is no shortage of demand here.

For those of us on a more modest income, there are plenty of Swiss replica watches that reflect the trend setting appeal of their more expensive brethren. As one Swiss web site quaintly describes it, "common people can also have a taste of luxury on an affordable budget"!

So as I head out for a spot more retail therapy, even this common person can be reassured that somewhere in my local Mall is the perfect fashion statement just waiting for me pick it up and announce to the world that this is the dashing, debonair guy I'm really all about!

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