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Tongue Twisters in Portuguese

Try seeing how good you are at reading out some of these tongue twisters. Better still, record your efforts and send them in to us. We'll post them up on this web site so you can show off to all your friends how good you are!

The following have been read by Priscilla

Pó pô o pó? Pó pô
powder put the powder? Dusting powder}

Cair no poço não posso
{I can not fall into the pit}

As aftas ardem e doem…
{ Canker sores burn and hurt ...}

Sabia que o sabiá sabia assobiar?
{ Did you know that the thrush knew how to whistle?}

"Setembro chove?" "Cê tem brochove?"
{ September rains...}

O rato roeu a roupa do rei do Roma.
{ The mouse gnawed the clothes of the king of Rome}

Como pouco coco como, pouco coco compro.
{ As little as coconut, buy little coconut .}

Fui ao mar colher cordões, vim do mar, cordões colhi.
{I went overboard spoon cords, came from the sea, plucked strings.}

O xará chora em Araxá. Em Araxá o xará achará chá.
{ The namesake cries in Araxá. In Araxá the namesake finds tea.}

A Xuxa acha a Sasha chata, e a Sacha acha a Xuxa chata!
{Xuxa finds Sasha boring, Sacha and Xuxa find each other boring!}

Lara amarra a arara rara - a rara arara da Lara de Araraquara.
{Lara ties the rare macaw - the rare macaw Lara Araraquara.}






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