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Tongue Twisters in Irish

Try seeing how good you are at reading out some of these tongue twisters. Better still, record your efforts and send them in to us. We'll post them up on this web site so you can show off to all your friends how good you are!

The following have been read by Irene

Bhí bean ag Joe, Is bhí banjo ag Joe, Is bhí banjo ag bhean Joe, B'fhearr go deo Joe ar an mbanjo, Ná bean Joe ar an mbanjo go deo.
{Joe had a wife, And Joe had a banjo, And Joe's wife had a banjo, Joe was always better on the banjo, Than Joe's wife ever was}

Tá sicín ina seasamh sna sneachta lá siocha.
{ There is a chicken standing in the snow on a frosty day.}

Tá ceann tuí ar trí thigh atá thíos le taobh na toinne.
{There are thatched roofs on three houses standing down by the waves.}

Tá neascóid ar ioscad an easpaig. Ach níl a fhios ag an easpaig go bhfuil neascóid ar a ioscaid.
{ There is a boil of the back of the bishop's knee. But the bishop doesn't know there is a boil on the back of his knee.}

D'ith damh dubh ubh amh ar neamh.
{A black ox ate a raw egg in heaven.}

Arsa Doug beag bog: "Rug gob beag bog gog beag bog.
{ Said small soft Doug: "A small soft mouth took a small soft egg.}

Bhí Joe ag bean Joe agus bhí banjo ag Joe. B'fhearr go deo Joe ar an mbanjo ná bean Joe ar an mbanjo go deo.
{ Joe's wife had Joe and Joe had a banjo. Joe was far better on the banjo than his wife.}

An bhfacha tú an bacach, nó an bhfacha tú a mhac?
Ní fhaca mé an bacach is ní fhacha mé a mhac,
ach dá bhfeicfinnse an bacach nó dá bhfeicfinnse a mhac,
ní bhacfainn leis an bacach is ní bhacfainn lena mhac!

Did you see the oaf or did you see his son?
I didn't see the oaf nor did I see his son,
but if I should see the oaf or should I see his son,
I'd ignore the oaf and I'd ignore his son!

Go mbéadh seacht shliocht ag sliocht do shleachta.
{ May your children's children have seven children.}

Ná bac le mac an bhacaigh is ní bhacfaidh mac an bhacaigh leat.
{ Pay no attention to the beggar's son and he will pay no attention to you.}

Meallann muilte Dé go mall ach meallann siad go mion.
{ God's mills grind slowly but they grind well/finely.}

Rinne Máire gáire gan náire ag an fhaire i nDoire anuraidh.
{ Mary laughed shamelessly at the wake in Derry last year.}

Thabhairfainn gal don té a thabharfadh gal dom is gal aige is gan gal agam; ach an té ná tabharfadh gal dom is gal aige is gan gal agam,
ní tabharfainn gal dó is gal agam is gan gal aige.
{ I'd give a smoke to anyone who'd give me one when he had one and I didnt;
but the one who wouldn't give me a smoke when he had one and I didn't,
I wouldn't give him a smoke when I had one and he didn't.}

Tá ailt ata ar ioscaid an easpaig.
{The joints on the back of the bishop's knee are swollen.}



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