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Yanfang Line - 燕房线

Located in Beijing’s southwest suburbs, the Yanfang Line is China’s first fully domestically-developed automated subway. The line runs overheadfor its total length of 14.4 kilometers, with a maximum designed speed of 100 kph.

Phase 1 has nine stations on the 14.4-km main line, linking the areas of Yanshan and Fangshan, but eventually it will be Y-shaped, with a branch line from Raolefu Station, servicing Zhoukoudian – the site of the Peking Man Relics Site, though this 6.1 km branch line is still under planning and is unlikely to be built in thefpreseeable future.

At present, only three of the line’s stations have any artwork:

Yancun East

but the stations differentiate themselves by the colour of the metal columns and roof girders.

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