Beijing's Subway (Metro) Art

Line 8

Line 8 was formerly known as the Olympic Branch Line and opened on July 19, 2008 just in time to serve the 2008 Olympic Games. Then, it had only four stations and 4.53 km of track and each of the four had a unique interior decor style. It ran as an adjunct to Line 10, which even showed the extension on its carriage maps.

Access was originally restricted to riders with an Olympic Register Card or a ticket to an event at the Olympic Games or Paralympic Games on the day of the event; but in early October 2008, the line was fully opened to the public.

After the opening of the first sections of Phase II, Line 8 came into its own and new dedicated trains were manufactured by CSR Sifang Locomotive & Rolling Stock Co. Ltd.

Line 8 was extended by six stations to the north in 2011, by two stations to the south in 2012, and by three more stations to the north and two more to the south on December 28, 2013.

The line currently has 17 stations in operation and runs 26.6 km from Zhuxinzhuang in Changping District to Nanluoguxiang in Dongcheng District, but it is still being expanded to the south and will eventually reach Wufutang in the southern suburbs of Fengtai District.

A common design element at many of the Line 8 stations is the overhead lighting that varies in colour from station to station...

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Olympic Green

Olympic Sport Center

South gate of Forest Park