Beijing's Subway (Metro) Art

Line 8 – South Gate of Forest Park (森林公园南)

Beijing’s Olympic Forest Park was made for the 2008 Olympic Games. It was designed by Hu Jie, director of the Landscape Planning and Design Institute at Tsinghua University and is the largest urban green landscape in Asia and the largest park in Beijing.

It was used as the leisure site for Olympic athletes, coaches, and official staff to get relaxed from tense competitions. The tennis, shooting, and hockey competitions were also held here.

Once again, etched glass is used to convey the spirit of the forest park both over the escalator leading down to the platform...

as well as the glass barriers and sliding doors.

The station hall features white columns meant to represent towering trees, with intertwined branch-es darting across the ceiling.

The lights are meant to resemble the sun shining through the forest canopy.

At the exits of the station, the signs labelling the passageways have branches and leaves intertwined around the actual letters.