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Future Plans for Beijing's Subway System

Plans for the future expansion of Beijing's subway system are truly awe inspiring. The new lines will significantly expand the subway's coverage, especially south and west of the city.

Line 1:
On June 12, 2020, approval was given for Line 1 and Ba Tong Line to effectively merge for through operation - (somewhat akin to Lines 4 and Daxing). Completion of this project is scheduled for late 2022. Currently the dissused station at FuShouLing, north of Pingguoyuan, is being renovated, and is scheduled for joining Line 1 in 2021.

Line 3:
With so many lines already open, it might seem bizarre that Line 3 to date has never seen the light of day. Its route has undergone substantial changes since the late 1990s, with one draft having it run from Xiaomeichang to Cuigezhuang. (Half of that route was then folded into Line 6.) Finally, on April 19, 2016, the first phase of Line 3 started construction. At 21.9 km long and with 15 stations from Dongsi Shitiao via Tuanjiehu, and Chaoyang Park, to Caogezhuang North, it will be fully underground, and is due to open by the end of 2022.

Line 8:
Phase 3, linking the 4.7 km middle section from National Art Museum to Zhushikou is scheduled for completion in 2021.

Line 11:
In 2006, Line 11 was originally designed as an L-shaped line from Wanliu to Dahongmen, which together with the previously-L-shaped Line 10, would form a subway ring route. But after Line 10 Phase II took over the entire ring route, Line 11 was displaced. In January 2010, the government of Shijingshan District disclosed plans for a Line 11 in western Beijing that would traverse the Beijing Capital Steel complex and intersect with Lines 4 and 16. Construction for the western section of Phase 1 started on November 13, 2019. Phase 1, also known as the "Winter Olympic Branch Line", will be 4.2 km in length with 4 stations from Jindingjie, via Jin'anqiao to Shougang.

Line 12:
The final plan for this line started from Sijiqing in Haidian District travelling east to Guanzhuangluxikou in Chaoyang District, following the northern Third Ring Road. The 29.6 km line has 21 stations, of which 15 will have transfers with other lines, and will provide congestion relief for the northern arc of Line 10. The line will be opened in 2021.

Line 13:
On November 22, 2018, a 30-day public consultation of a plan to split Line 13 into two lines was started. The existing Line 13 would be split between Xi'erqi station and Huilongguan station, to form two "L"-shaped lines intersecting in the north of the city. Passengers will use a cross-platform interchange between Line 13A and Line 13B at a new station to the west of the Jingzang Expressway. Line 13A has a total length of 30.9 km with 18 stations, including 19.54 km of new line and 13 new stations from Chegongzhuang to Tiantongyuan East. Line 13B has a total length of 32.0 km with 15 stations, including 9.0 km of new line and six new stations from Malianwa to Dongzhimen.

Line 14:
The existing two sections will be connected into an inverted L-shaped line that pivots in the southeast. When the full line is completed, it will run across the southern and eastern fringes of urban Beijing from Zhangguozhuang to Shangezhuang in the northeast . When fully completed in 2021, Line 14 will be 47.3 km long and have 36 stations

Line 16:
The middle section from Xiyuan to Ganjiakou is due to open in 2020; while the southern section from Ganjiakou to Wanpingcheng will open in 2021.

Line 17:
Line 17 is planned to run from the Future Science Park North station in Changping District via Dongdaqiao to Yizhuang Zhanqianqu South station in Tongzhou. The line is fully underground with a total length of 49.7 km; and the expected end to end travel time should be approximately 56 minutes. When complete, the line will provide relief to the congestion on Line 5, Line 10 and Line 13. The line is fully underground with a total length of 49.7 km and is scheduled to open in 2022.

Line 19:
Phase 1 of Line 19 is 22.4 km in length and will begin at Mudanyuan station in Haidian District and end at Xin'gong in Fengtai District. The section from Xin'gong to Caoqiao will be opened in 2021, with the other seven stations opening slightly later. The line was planned to be a major relief line for the overcrowded Line 4 and a more direct link to the Beijing Financial Street commercial area. Phase 2 of Line 19, which is under planning, consists of a northern extension, but no date has been set for this.

Line 22 (Pinggu line):
This will run from Dongdaqiao in Chaoyang District to Pinggu station in Pinggu District with 20 stations on its 78.6 km route. Completion is expected in 2023 at the earliest. The original plan to terminate the line at Dongfengbeiqiao station is now reserved for long-term planning.

Line 28 (CBD line):
In August 2015, planning authorities proposed an underground automatic people mover through the Central Business District , but the line has now been upgraded to a subway line. It will run from Dongdaqiao via Dawanglu to Guangqudonglu over 8.77 km and will have nine stations. It is expected to open in 2022.

S1 line:
S1 will be extended to Pingguoyuan over an elevated section, which will open together with the Pingguoyuan Transportation Hub in 2021.

Airport Express:
A 1.9km extension to Beixinqiao, which would provide an interchange with Line 5, is expected to enter operation in 2021. There is also reserved space for an infill station at Wangjing South, but no date has been set for this.

Daxing Airport Express:
A northern extension to Lize Business District station is under construction - a length of 3.5 km - bringing the line to a total of 44.86 km. The northern extension started construction in 2020 and will be completed in 2022. A southern extension to Daxing Airport South is also planned for the longer term.

Changping Line:
The southern extension from Xi'erqi to Jimenqiao station is under construction. It will be 12.6 km in length, including 0.36 km elevated section and 12.24 km underground. The extension will add 8 underground stations to the line and is scheduled to open in 2021.

Fangshan Line:
This will be extended to the Third Ring Road and connect with Lines 10 and 16. This northern extension is earmarked to open in late 2020.

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