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Batong Line – 八通线

The BaTong Line derives its name by combining the first character of Bawangfen (八王坟), another name for Sihui, and Tongzhou (通州), the eastern suburban district of Beijing which the line serves.

Construction of the Batong Line began on December 28, 2001 and the line opened on December 27, 2003. It connects with Line 1 at both Sihui and Sihuidong and is generally regarded as an extension of that line.

In 2010 it was proposed to link Line 1 and the Batong Line together; but the official response was that the two lines’ signalling systems are incompatible with one another, so from an engineering viepoint this would be difficult to achieve. But finally on June 12, 2020, the project of the through operation was approved by the Beijing Development and Reform Commission, and completion of this project is scheduled for late 2022.

Hua Zhuang station was opened on December 28, 2019 and it is planned for Universal Resort station to open simultaneously with the opening of Universal Beijing Resort (in May 2021).

Like Line 1, the Batong Line was never designed with artwork in mind, and in the main,it follows the drab look of its western companion. None of the stations has any artwork whatsoever... or rather that was the case until the southern extension of the line to Universal Resort station.

Now, when you alight at Huazhuang, a splendid chandelier greets you in the station foyer... It's meant to represent a school of colourful glass fishes swaying in mid-air.

In the absence of any other artwork, the Batong Line’s most visually appealing objects are the trains themselves.

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