Beijing's Subway (Metro) Art

Changping Line



The Changping Line started formal operations on December 30, 2010, and initially had seven stations on 21 km of tracks. The second phase, which opened five years later, extended the line 10.6 kms northward.

Unlike the first phase, the second phase travels primarily through the old town of Changping, so those new stations were designed to ‘reflect Chinese antique sensibilities’.

The Line itself is half elevated and half underground, running parallel and to the east of the Badaling Expressway, passing near the townships of Shahe and Nanshao. A south extension, beyond the current southern terminus of Xi’erqi, will run parallel to Line 13 and terminate at Jishuitan on Line 2.

The phase 1 section features a common design theme running through the stations: decorated hexagon surrounds for the exit stairs, which in the main are covered in mosaic tiles, as well as hexagon-shaped windows.

The stations, which go to make up the second phase of the Line’s constuction, feature roof struts which are meant to reflect traditional Chinese architecture.

Apart from that, the following three stations have artwork:

Ming Tombs