Beijing's Subway (Metro) Art

Changping Line – Ming Tombs
( 十三陵景区)

The Ming tombs are a collection of mausoleums built by the emperors of the Ming dynasty. The first Ming emperor’s tomb is located near his capital Nanjing. However, the majority of the Ming tombs are located in a cluster near this station and collectively known as the Thirteen Tombs of the Ming Dynasty. The site, on the southern slope of Tianshou Mountain, was chosen based on the principles of feng shui by the third Ming emperor, Yongle.

After the construction of the Imperial Palace in 1420, the Yongle Emperor selected this burial site and subsequent emperors placed their tombs in the same valley. Traditional Chinese drawing techniques for landscapes were used to depict the mountains on the ‘dragon vein’ of the Ming Tombs. These included Tianshou Mountain, Dayu Mountain, Huyu Mountain, Qin-glong Mountain and Wohu Mountain.