Beijing's Subway (Metro) Art

LINE 6 – Dongsi (东四)

Dongsi – literally, the ‘Eastern Four’ – is the name of the intersection of what is now Dongsi Avenues North, South and West and Chaoyangmen Inner Street.

This area dates back to the Yuan Dynasty, and the intersection is named after four paifangs that marked the location. These gates were removed in 1958.

‘Eastern Four Memory’ by Lee Chen features stone reliefs with painted backgrounds, depicting emotional memories of city life from former imperial times.

Reflecting local scenes, the relief murals here show people going about their daily business, such as pulling a rickshaw ...

and buying hot and cold snacks...

while children play in the street...

and a well-to-do passes by in a palanquin.

Look carefully and you can see there is also a lion dance as street performers line up in procession behind each of the friezes.

The pillars, meanwhile, are painted to represent the former paifangs.