Beijing's Subway (Metro) Art

LINE 2 – Zaoyuan (枣园)



‘Zaoyuan’ translates as Jujube Orchard – a jujube being a type of Chinese date; and ‘Pastoral Sonata’, by artist Zhou Dawson, has to be one of the most stunning pieces of art on the entire Beijing Subway system.

At around 33 metres long, it is also made from the cloisonne process, making the entire image almost jump out from the wall.

The work is meant to depict harmony between man and nature in the beautiful countryside of Daxing. At the same time, it apparently reflects Daxing as a modern town – a green, ecological and harmonious city.

The outside of the station, too, has a decoration of sorts embedded into the glass canopy;

and even the green support walls inside the main hall show the station name written in pinyin..