Beijing's Subway (Metro) Art

Line 15

Line 15 is set to have a total length of around 46 kilometres across northern Beijing from Xiyuan in the west, to Hedong in the east, although these plans have been revised many times.

Phase I covers the eastern half from Qinghuadongluxikou to Fengbo, but there is still uncertainty whether the westward extension will reach Xiyuan, or whether it will turn south.

Line 15 tunnels are up to 38 metres underground, making them the deepest in Beijing’s subway system.

One of the outstanding themes on Line 15 is its lighting, with some stations having beautiful displays along the platform ceilings.

Another repeating theme on Line 15 is the use of the ‘Chinese Red Style’. Pure red columns and red brackets can be found at many stations and in those stations which are underground, these contrast with the white or light grey ceilings and floors to great effect.

The most striking station in this respect is Shunyi, which has a large red octagonal caisson in its ceiling.

These stations have artwork:




Olympic Green


Datunlu East