One of the joys of exploring the Middle East is the plethora of souqs – or market areas – to be found; and Riyadh has more than its fair share!

Like most Sa’udi souqs, the ones here tend to feature like-minded merchants congregating together. So, for example, if you need to fix your bathroom you would go to the plumbing souqs (Abu Baker Al Sedeeq Road and King Abdul Aziz Street).
Need a new car? Go to the car souqs (Khoreis Road and Ash Shifa).
A GPS receiver? Go to the Garmin souq (junction 12, eastern ring road).
And so on.

But some aren’t as simple to classify as that. And some are simply unique to this part of the kingdom.

You will have noticed that we don't go into telling you the best places to shop. Rather, think of these souqs as somewhere to explore. And if you feel minded to take out your wallet, well, that’s up to you...



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