Automobile Souq

u’re after buying a new or second hand car, the chances are that you’ll end up sooner or later on the Khureis Road in the area known as the automobile souq.

It goes on for kilometre after kilometre, and you will find virtually every type of make and model with which you are familiar.

Even if you aren’t wanting to purchase a vehicle, go one Friday late afternoon to see the car auctions taking place (but don’t even think about buying from here unless you are very familiar with car maintenance, or have an expert with you!).

There are normally a good thirty auctions taking place at any one time, with each auctioneer seemingly trying to drown out the voices of his immediate neighbours!

If you do want to buy a car, and you have set your heart on a 4x4 vehicle, you will need a letter of authority from your kafil (sponsor) and this will have to be stamped by the police department in Nasiriyah Street – an ‘interesting’ experience for the unwary!

It normally takes 24 hours to register any car in your name, though, and even if you are buying privately, you will still need to come to the car souq to find a dealer to make the transfer for you.

The automobile souq extends from junction 13 of the eastern ring road in an easterly direction along the Khoreis Road.

The majority of the second hand dealers are on Abdulrahman bin Abdulateef Street across the road from the Géant Hyper-market. The auctions can be found around the corner from here in an area with numerous corrugated iron partitions that separate off each of the auctioneers.

24o 44.12’ N; 46o 48.03’ E


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