Riyadh's Buildings


One of the delights of living in Riyadh (though also one of its frustrations) is the constant building work taking place across the entire city.

Stunning buildings are the norm here, whether it’s a new shopping mall, or an office block or simply private accomodation. The architects and planners aren’t afraid to try out new ideas and come up with the most wonderful creations and what would possibly raise gasps of admiration in any other capital city is as often as not simply treated as yet another new building to add to the wealth of creativity that is all around you.

Yet some buildings do stand out from the rest, either for their size, or for their purpose or, of course, simply for their ‘wow’ factor....


King Fahd Stadium

Faisaliah Tower

Kingdom Tower (Mamlaka)

Ministry of Interior

Nasriyah Gate

King Saud university

Riyadh Station

Tuwaiq Palace

TV Tower


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