Life with the Lions - Beijing

This pair is outside a restaurant in the Landmark Hotel
At the Home Inn Dongzhimenwai Dajie
At the Ginza Mall Dongzhimenwai Dajie
The Village, Sanlitun
Oriental Taipan Xindongliu
Roast Duck Restaurant Lianmaqiao
Outside a restaurant in Huixin Dongjie
Guarding Bank of China Sanlitun, Xiliujie
The same pair at Bank of China Sanlitun, Xiliujie
Shenzhen Development Bank Xinjuan Nanliu
Outside a bank near Olympic Village
These lions and the the three rows below are all taken at Tuanjiehu Park
ICBC Xinzhang Jie
At a Store in Dongzhimenwai Dajie
A furniture store close to the Agriculture Exhibition Center
A pair of Pi Xiu at Forbidden City
Lion handles in Forbidden City
A Pi Xiu with a "bad hair day" at Forbidden City
This lion is outside the northern (back) entrance to Forbidden City This beast is in Tian Anmen Square looked down upon by Chairman Mao
A forgotten lion buries its head into a hedge in Chaoyang district This one guards the entrance to the Lufthansa Centre in Liangmaqiao
Close to Yuyang Hotel
Close to Tianjiehou station
This one stands guard outside the barracks in Chaoyang's Diplomatic area
Jiuxianqiao Jie
These two Pi Xiu can be found in Huixin Dongjie
as indeed can these lions also be found in Huixin Dongjie
This handsome pair stands guard over the main entrance to the Summer Palace
while these two are at the northern entrance to the Longevity Hill complex
This pair guards the entrance to the 17-arch bridge at the Summer Palace
while the Nanhu Island end of the bridge has these two guardians
Along the length of the bridge is a motley collection of cute lion cubs
These splendid Pi Ya can be found outside a defunct restaurant in Jintong Donglu, near to CCTV
More at Forbidden City
and more...
Near Beihai Park
Near Beihai Park
Near Beihai Park
Beihai Park
Beihai Park
At the Ancient Observatory
At the Ancient Observatory
At the Ancient Observatory they even have trash cans in the shape of lions
At Prince Gong's Mansion there are loads of splendid lions...
though these lions at Qianmen are gorgeously self important
There are loads of lions in the area around Dongzhimen...
as well as the occasional Pi Xiu
These two beauties guard the Qiangmen, just south of Tian'anmen Square
These Pi Xiu can be found close to the Police Museum on Qianmen Dongjie
Qianmen Dajie has loads of lions...
Peking University has its fair share of lions too...
The amusement park at Shijingshan has some lions guarding the rides...
Tsinghua University has loads of lions:
Not surprisingly, the Stone Carvings Museum is awash with lions!...
Here are two pixiu near Dongsi station:
Hong Luo Temple in Huairou has a few nice lions:  
This fabulous couple are standing guard outside the Huaxia Bank in Gongyuan Si Jie, Jianguomen
Across the road from the Yonghegong Lama Temple can be found these two pairs:
while in the Temple itself are these cute beasties...
The next lot of lions can be found in the Wong tai sin temple - and very splendid they are too! (Thanks to Mei Ling for these)