lampposts in Cavtat


Cavtat is a small port just along the coast from Dubrovnik on the Adriatic. Here you'll find loads of expensive looking boats docked in its small harbour with overpriced restaurants waiting to fleece the passing tourists....

These white street lamps are to be found everywhere in the town.

But also these flood lights are found in every conceivable location - even attached to lampposts with "conventional" lamps on. Perhaps the town council bought a job lot of them? >>>


<<< Yup... here's some more of those flood lights

And they're even to be found in the local cemetry!

Down at the bus station there is a break from those dreaded flood lights

And also along some of the back lanes, someone has actually thought about street architecture

These poles light up at night time, though some of them are showing their age a bit

uh-oh ... another flood light>>>