Elsa Zhang


Father's Art

Elsa Zhang’s father was a member of Chinese Air force. In Elsa’s eyes, he’s a strategist, musician, calligrapher and sculpturer.

Art Exhibition of Elsa Zhang’s father:

Father’s calligraphy is hanging on the wall of their living room: elegant room contains the fragrance of orchid. Btw, Orchid is the name of Elsa’s mother.


Chinese J20 stealth fighter was born in Chengdu. It is the fifth generation of stealth fighter with heavy style. On Octber 14th 2010, the aircraft assembly finished. And on November 4th 2010, the first take off roll test started. The maiden flight achieved on January 11th 2011 in Chengdu. This areoplane model is made out of rose wood, and the proportion is 1:108.
Chinese J20 stealth fighter is the third generation single motor, light weight, multifunction, supersonic speed and all weather fighter plane. This is a type of mutiduty fighter plane. Both duties of air battle and bombing can be carried out by it. The proportion of this model is 1:89. It’s made out of rose wood.
B-2 stealth strategic bombers was manufactured by American Northrop Grumman company.
This model is made out of rose wood, and the proportion is 1:280.

Cloud Enjoying

This stone comes from Jiu Qu brook, Wu Yi mountain, Fu Jian province. The Chinese phrase means nine turnings.

It’s an agate, came from the desert of Ning Xia.
The forming of agate is in the duration of volcanic eruption. It’s clear and gorgeous, worth enjoying and collecting.

Petrified wood is the real woodstone.

Museful Eagle

Abstract art, especially for the Olympica Game in 2008
It’s made of organic glass.

Home for cricket is made of rosewood.

Articles of handicraft are made of stainless steel.
Articles of handicraft are made of rosewood and red sandalwood
Walnut are made of paraffins
Clay Sculpture: sweet family