Elsa Zhang


Elsa & Calligraphy

Smelling the sweet fragrance of Chinese ink, grinding a piece of ink slowly, cutting the rice paper with a thread for grandfather or father, piles of finished papers around her…this is the very beginning feeling towards calligraphy as far as Elsa Zhang.

One day, the little Elsa started to win prizes, practice is continue, though nowadays very seldom young people focus on such an ancient art, Elsa regards it as a special Chinese kongfu…

Time flies, after Elsa joined the group of international jounalist, she started to be invited more and more. Calligraphy became a type of comprehensive way to be delivered into different corner of the globe by her. Bilingual names, blessings, phrases are expressed by her through calligraphy. Some of them are decorations on the wall, some of them are the only gift for friends. Also Elsa is invited to take part in many exhibitions. As a calligrapher, also designer, she has gained recognition from clients everywhere.

Seeing the calligraphy with frame on one’s wall is her happiest moment. To be her client, may be it’s the only way to share the excitement.