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Bvumba Bracelets

New Yorker Walter Hunt was terrific at diversifying in order to make a living. He adapted to the peaks and troughs of early 1800s life by coming up with inventions such as a flax spinning machine, knife sharpener, fire engine gong and a stove that burned hard coal. But by far his most useful idea came about in 1949 when he invented the safety pin. This only arose as he owed someone about $15. He took out a patent on his invention, sold the rights to it to his friend for $400, and the rest is history. He never made it to any Forbes 400 list.

But we thank Walter – because of his invention we have been able to create these colourful bracelets made from safety pins, recycled beads and plastic wire casing extracted from redundant electrical appliances by a UAE company Enviroserve.

The hand-made bracelets make ideal gifts for adults and children for they come in a range of sizes, and are available from or telephone +971504251656 to find out where to buy or if you would like to choose your own colour combinations. Bracelets made up using the colours of your country’s flag made great promotional items.

These colourful safety pin bracelets - made of safety pins, beads, recycled electrical wire casing and plastic - are for sale.

A proportion of the proceeds from sales of these bracelets will go to the Zimbabwe Pensioners Support Fund, a non-profit organisation which delivers food parcels and basic supplies to destitute elderly people in Zimbabwe.

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