Brian Salter's Creative Bits:


This is the corner where I am parking certain bits which don't really fit anywhere else. It is a random collection of short stories, radio scripts and other stuff.

Boris: This was my very first short story. Written in the 1970s, it demonstrates a very raw effort, but I include it here as a reminder that we all have to start somewhere!

Gotcha!: This was the first part of a short story that I never got round to finishing. In the early 1980s before PCs became part of the mainstream, we all thought how kool the Amstrad word processor was. Didn't we have a lot to learn!

My Wife is a Hostess: This was a pretty dreadful poem I wrote when my wife had started as an air stewardess with the now-defunct airline British Caledonian. It was published in their staff magazine. Not surprisingly, I was teased something rotten about it; but I'm including it as it was one of the first things I ever had published in print.

Home Plumbing: I started working in the BBC as a sound engineer, but very soon started writing for a variety of programmes. Here's a short item I did for the Woman's Hour programme on Radio 4