Brian Salter's Broadcasts:
China Daily Video interviews


In 2011 I moved to China to work in Beijing on the web and multimedia services of China Daily.

As well as recording language tips and news bulletins to be listened to over the mobile phone network, I was also asked to be interviewed as a "foreign expert" (to fill in when they were short of material I suspect!)

In March 2013, during the Chinese People's Parliamentary Consultative Committee deliberations, China Daily put out a number of programmes looking at many of the issues being discussed during the CPPCC.

Accordingly I was wheeled out to be interviewed on some of these topics. They called my slot "Brainy Brian" - much to my protestations! And as if to make matters worse, the graphics editor then mistyped the captions so that they read "Briany Brian"!

One of the recordings was about taxi drivers in Beijing. I was anything but complimentary about them (though I did temper that by saying I had never had similar problems with taxis in other Chinese cities). As a result the programme editor decreed that most of the interview had to be cut out and just to use what I had said about UK taxi drivers. Unfortunately (for them), they forgot to edit out the introduction in which they had me saying that Beijing's taxi drivers are prone to cheat their customers, leaving a nasty taste in the mouth!


Here are four segments, posted up on Vimeo. If you cannot get Vimeo (eg if you are in China) and therefore are unable to view these bits, you can go to the China Daily web site to view the original full-length segments...if you can get through their interesting search system, that is

Air pollution

National Health Service







Having left China Daily in July 2013, I returned six months later in February '14. This time I was poached by the very charming Hu Zhe to appear in some of her EasyTalk programmes on the basis that I was always able to rabbit on about anything, thereby filling air time if others of her preferred guests let her down at the last minute, or if the topic was too esoteric for them.

EasyTalk: New Year resolutions

This was about the New Year resolutions we make and then attempt to keep!

EasyTalk: Air rage

In this programme we talk about some of the bad behaviour seen on board international flights...

EasyTalk: Post holiday syndrome

Is there such a thing as post holiday syndrome? How can we get round it? Discuss!

EasyTalk: Price hike in Beijing subway

BJ's subway system had a massive price hike in December 2014. But is it really that bad?

EasyTalk: Henpecked husbands

Are henpecked husbands a product of natural selection - or just a symptom of men wanting a quiet life?

EasyTalk: Budget husband

A budget wife might be what many men hanker after. But what about a budget husband? Do they have their advantages?

EasyTalk: Why the obsession with luxury brands

Why oh why oh why do women (in the main) hanker after luxury brands? Why pay over the odds for something the marketers have dreamt up?

EasyTalk: Should we give money to beggars

Do you give money to beggars? Or have you been put off by their luxury life style?

EasyTalk: Shaolin Temple's job ad

Shaolin temple advertised for a marketing manager. But why does a religious establishment need one in the first place?

EasyTalk: To help, or not to help

Would you rush in to help someone who is the victim of a traffic accident or an attack? Perhaps you need to think through the consequences first?

EasyTalk: Overscheduled kids

Many parents in China push their kids to the limit to gain advantage in the job stakes. Are they really doing their kids a favour?

EasyTalk: Life after retirement

What do you want to do in retirement? Will you get bored by taking it easy?

EasyTalk: Chinglish buzzwords

I love some of the signs you get in Chinese supermarkets and their like. But what about the nnew upnand coming buzzwords in Chinese/English?

EasyTalk: Plastic surgery

Korea is now the epicentre of plastic surgery; and no self respecting Korean girl would pass up the chance to enhance her features. But what about the down sides?

EasyTalk: Smartphone Apps

This programme was an unashamedly techie-meets-nerd chit chat about what apps we all love to use...


Easy Talk: Reading styles

In this programme, author Raymond Zhou and I pondered over the changing styles of reading brought about by the new technologies and the impact of the internet...


Easy Talk: Divorce

How does divorce in China compare with divorce in the West?


Easy Talk: Shopping

In this programme, we discuss shopping 'techniques' in Beijing and where the best places are to get a real bargain!


Easy Talk: Jaywalking

In this programme, I advocate breaking the law if you ever want to get anywhere in Beijing :)

Easy Talk: Marriage Costs

As the costs of getting married escalate exponentially, how does this compare with getting married in Australia or the UK?