Brian Salter's Books:


For much of my working life I have been involved with Public Relations and Communications roles, so it seemed appropriate that I should write about these subjects.

My most recent book for Hodder is about PR:

In 2002 I wrote a book for the Confederation of British Industry for their Fast track series:

Critical Corporate Communications: A Best Practice Blueprint
Publ: John Wiley & Sons - 27 Sep 2002 -
ISBN-10: 0470847638

In 2006 I was commissioned to ghost a book about Public Relations for a Saudi which he then translated into Arabic and passed off as his own work. He never paid for it... so I ensure that I give it (the Engish version) away to as many people as possible. I also used it as an accompanying book for my training courses on Public Relations!

I have written other books about Public Relations which you can find on my Hodder page..