Brian Salter's Books:
Hodder / Chartered Management Institute


One of the most productive publisher relationships I have had has been with Hodder.

In the main this has been in partnership with the Chartered Management Institute (previously called Institute of Management).

Some of these books have been translated into other languages such as Spanish, Italian, French, Thai and Chinese.

My last book in the CMI's Instant Manager series was Effective Presenting .

ISBN-10: 0340985186 - Publ May 2009

My most recent book for Hodder was in the Teach Yourself series: Successful Public Relations...

I also wrote a couple of books for Hodder's Bullet Guides series:

Great PR

and Press Releases and Newsletters, due out in Mar 2012

My most successful book was Dealing With Difficult People, which made it to 10 reprints and was translated into five languages...

ISBN-10: 034072076X - Publ: 3 Jun 1998
ISBN-10: 0340849657 - Publ: 29 Nov 2002

It was relaunched in the "Teach Yourself" series in 2012:

Two books I wrote for the Institute were translated into Spanish:

CRM in a Week - Publ: 27 Sep 2002 - ISBN-10: 0340857668

Successful Event Management - Publ: 20 Sep 1999 - ISBN-10: 0340757809

I wrote my first book for Hodder when working in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Successful Use of E-mail - ISBN-10: 034073048X - Publ: 15 Feb 1999. It seems amazing that llittle over a decade ago people were buying books to learn how to use eMail!