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In 2006-7 I edited a magazine for the Almarai company in Riyadh - one of the most successful dairy producers in the Middle East.

Every month I would interview staff, write the stories, take the photos, and - after translation - lay out the 36-page magazine in English and Arabic.

Here is a small selection of some of those articles. Most issues would contain a biographical feature on one of the senior managers...

Abdulaziz Al Owais: We Should All Work Together To Achieve One Goal

Abdulkarim: Working for the "Beautiful Company"

Abdullah Al-Tasan: My Globetrotting Days Are Behind Me

Georges The Enabler: An Agent For Change

Globe-Trotting Larnie Is Not About To Revamp His CV!

Gopal’s Aim: To touch the heart of every employee every month!

Mr Blue Sky: We Need To Think Of New Ways In Which To Expand

Nick Has A Winning Way With Sales

Walter Fulton: A Passion For Cows

Willie Spence: I Could Keep On Playing Forever!

... as well as general interest articles, either about the company or about the Kingdom as a whole....

Al Kharj: The Agri Capital of Saudi

Communing With Camels in Riyadh

Gulf Region Reaches 1,000 As It Goes From Strength To Strength