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TTN-ME is a monthly travel trade magazine published in Bahrain

Here is a selection of some of the articles I wrote for them during 2008-2009...

Diary piece
Stepping Back in Time

No need to say cheese first for a Swiss smile

Middle East
Alexandria offers respite from summer

Riyadh: Capital City With Plenty To Explore

Historic Saudi Museums pull in the crowds

Saudi Arabia Goes All Out To Strengthen Its Tourism Sector

Saudi Airports Undergo Major Expansion

Meda'in Saleh a well kept secret

Kuwait positioning itself as a marine capital of the ME

Maghreb region competing with Egypt to woo tourists

Egypt a jewel in the crown

Fencing keeps tourist hustlers at bay

Women only beaches allow undisturbed sea swimming

One 2 One Idea for Dining


Tourism high on future development agenda of Brunei

Malaysia's medical Tourism

Sleeping by the Fragrant Harbour (HK)

Hong Kong’s New Mantra: Live it! Love it!

Muslim Visitors are Warmly Welcomed in Hong Kong

Pandas or Mickey Mouse? No Contest!

Hong Kong Octopus

Singapore expecting high yields from its tourism sector