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China Daily (中国日报) is China's largest English language daily newspaper with a circulation of over 500,000 per issue. As well as being printed in China, America and Europe (each with their own editions) it has a much viewed web site and also delivers news via a mobile phone app to over 330,000 subscribers. There is also an Apple App that delivers China Daily content.

Here is a selection of articles and columns I wrote for China Daily in 2011-12:

Newspaper & Web:

The Unkindest Cut of All? Beijing’s Eunuch Musuem
German artist wows Beijing

Web & Apple iPad App:

Last respects for Lady Thatcher
Pen pushers impress no-one with daft ideas
Common sense just ain't that common
Beijing's transportation is getting its act together
An apple a day … keeps your friends away
What does China's TV regulator do most of the time?
The traumas of age and "innocence" - Bad driving in Beijing
Can the BBC ever recover its reputation?
Does History Teach Us that Might is Right?
Wish we were coming with you!
A third runway at LHR? Don't hold your breath!
It must be hard working as a top UK trade official!
Do planners ever consider the consequences of their decisions?
Time once more to "Give Peace a Chance"
More to meets the eye with Huawei
Build 'em Tall; especially in China!
Blast off time for heroes?
"555"! Beijing has applied "4" to the "88" brigade!
Olympic reflections
Is there no stopping the Disney Phenomenon?
Scratch-and-sniff is so passé!
London Calling - But who will heed the sirens?
Creature comforts at Euro 2012
Would you pay £150m to see the dark side of the Moon?
Strange Brits and a dose of reality
Shed a tear for the poor little rich girl…… not!
Time for the world to exhibit a good dose of tolerance
Time for Mr Yang to face some home truths?
Would you invest in Facebook?
The timeless effervescence of Chanel
World record breakers: Give us a break!
Flight-rail cooperation a win-win situation
Controlling the controls of the anti-antidog lobby
It must be true - I read it in the paper!
US primaries? Who cares!
Who turned the heating off?
Selfishness of the blame game

Do We Men Get A Raw Deal,
I Have To Ask Myself
“Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone”
A Very Warm Welcome to China!
Back to the Drawing Board
for Chinese Advertisers?
Beijing's Museum of Tap Water

New Year Objects of Undesire

Getting back at the Rip-off merchants

Setting my Resolutions
for Chinese New Year
Time for China’s Transport to cater for Foreign Visitors
Beating Beijing’s Bus Blues
Beijing Metro:
Victim of its own success?
First Christmas in China

Clash of Cultures at the Dinner Table
Dancing the night away in Beijing
Coming to terms with the Chinese-American-English Language

Mobile News:
Eating Peas the correct way
Chinese Toasts
Problematic Language
Palindrome Calendar
Doing Porridge
Hit & Run
Chinese dancing
China's National Day
Bad Habits
Bargaining in China
Moon Cakes